Wednesday, August 08, 2007

As you can see here, i really enjoy doing the PAINT stuff a lot. this is a shooting star painting that i just did. the blue this is a person looking at the stars. i think this is one of my favorite PAINT images that ive ever done.

Here is another drawing from PAINT. when i do PAINT, i always start with a dark background and then i start having fun with the designs. i hope you like these PAINT images.

This is just a fun drawing i did in the PAINT setting on my computer. It was originally going to be my dad, but i went to far. i also did a painting of this but i need to find it. i have a lot more PAINT pictures that ill put up later.

Monday, August 06, 2007

My dad had something to do with drawing some things frome a group idea. Once he did a sasquach drawing. and then he was asked to do cops.i wanted to support him so i did one myself. i want to get a lot of comments on THIS one!

I made this little thing when I was at my aunt jeniffer's house. My dad went away early and i missed him. so i decided to make something for him. i also got some magnets at a store for a birthday present for him.